Lockdown Training and Practice

Dear Monte Families,

Recently, Monte Cecilia Catholic School engaged the services of an independent company, Harrison Tew®, who specialise in emergency management planning for schools. The procedures developed by Harrison Tew allow us to respond safely and quickly to a range of circumstances.

As a component of the implementation of the emergency procedures into our school, specialised training is being conducted with senior leadership and our staff. The students will also receive training directed at their respective age groups from Harrison Tew®.

The training consists of a low key but detailed approach to potential threats and has been successfully implemented in hundreds of schools throughout New Zealand.

After the training, we will be conducting a lock down exercise under the guidance and support of Harrison Tew®.

The exercise will be as real-life as possible, which will mean that parents/families will receive notification by way of text and/or email. The information passed on will emphasise that this is an exercise/practice and will explain that all updated information will then be posted on the school website.

Prior to this occurring, can I please remind all parents and caregivers to ensure your contact details (mobile phone numbers and email addresses) are current as this will be our communication with you, should an emergency occur at the school.

In a genuine incident, should you hear of a lock down or evacuation at the school, can I please ask that you do not attend the school or phone, as we will not be able to respond. Your presence at, or contact with, the school may make it more difficult for us to manage the situation and could potentially place your children and, in fact, yourselves at risk.

We thank you for your support.

Sarah McAlpine