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Namastē to all our whānau,


This week we have had a learning focus of the Indian Culture at school. We have been learning about different Indian celebrations, traditions and also reading some interesting stories. On Thursday 8 November we will have a special day sharing our learning with each other at an assembly at 1.30pm. As you already know from our Home Learning Notices, we will dress up in something that celebrates Indian culture, mush like we have done for all of our cultural celebration weeks. On Thursday we will have another Indian tradition available to all our children, this will be to have a henna pattern painted onto their hands or arm. If you as an adult would also like this, please come to school between 12.30 and 3pm with a $5 contribution. Our Monte school children will have this done for free. If you do not wish for your child to have a henna pattern on their hand, please email [email protected] to advise us of this, or let Michelle in the office know by 9.30am on Thursday morning.

Children, remember to wear something to celebrate our Indian culture to school tomorrow!


On Friday we have our whole school trip to Fort Takapuna to attend the Sculpture exhibition on the Shore. We have accepted all of you who have volunteered to be parent helpers for this trip as we will allocate small groups for you to guide around and look after within the larger teacher groups. If you are no longer able to help, please let us know URGENTLY as we are grouping the children today. As a helper, please ensure that you wear comfortable shoes, bring a raincoat and a packed lunch. Parents and children are to bring a packed lunch, and no purchases from the cafē will be permitted. We ask that all volunteers adhere to this with respect.  We will ALL go to the event by bus. You will not be able to attend with the group if your name is not on our health and safety list, as this is part of our entry to the exhibition. If you are one of our volunteers, your names are recorded at the event for free entry and as part of the payment the school has already made. Volunteers will have a briefing at school before we leave, so please try to be here a bit earlier.

Children are to wear their SCHOOL UNIFORM which includes their SCHOOL HAT.

They should also bring a jacket/ raincoat and a packed lunch with NO PACKAGING (LITTER) in the backpacks. Anyone who is late on Friday will be marked as absent and will miss their allocated bus which will be leaving school at 9.15am.


School is closed on Monday for the Primary School Teachers Strike as per the notice sent home late October. (Paper copy) Please contact Skids if you are unable to make alternative arrangements. They will open and have 30 spaces available. (The same conditions will apply as per the last strike day).