by Stella Scahill – Monte Media Team 

The sun was a haze of brightly coloured light, filtering through the shafts in my curtains. Blinking my eyes open, I rushed around, a blur of excited color. I slung my bag roughly over my shoulder, stumbling slightly with the added weight. I squirmed in my seat in the car, the excitement overwhelmingly powerful. 

The searing sun sliced through the fluffy white clouds, bathing the pool in a heavenly light. It glistened with temptation, the water rippling and lapping wildly at the paved stone around the edge. I slid in, the harsh, cold water curing the warmth from the blazing sun, beaming down on us. A string of sausage like foam separated the racers from one another. ” On your marks… ” We readied ourselves. ” Get set… ” We prepared for launch. BANG! I rocketed down my lane, the water splashing and slushing in my wake. SLAP! My hands found the slippery wall. Curling my fingers around the curved edge, I stood, my legs shuddering. We filed out of the pool, scrambling up the steps and wrapping ourselves like burritos in our warm, dry towels.