Swimming Sports! 

Flynn Russell – Monte Media Team

Beep, beep, beep, I faster than lightning get out of bed, ready for an action-packed day in front of me, with chants, cheering and lots of fun. 

I race down the hallway with my bag on one shoulder and my swimming bag on the other. As I reach the lounge I find my brother Paddy munching down some sweet Weet-Bix, yum. 

5 minutes later mum comes out tired and wondering why I am so excited. I remind her that it is swimming sports.

After that, mum gets into a hurry for it’s 8 o’clock and time is passing. 

As mum got the lunches ready, me and Paddy were hurrying about trying to get our stuff ready. Finally we were done. It was 8:40am so we had a bit of time to spare but we wanted to get there nice and early so we didn’t miss out on any important information. When we got dropped off to school Mum said herself, our grandfather and our dad would be there for the races. 

When we walked through the gate some people greeted us and asked us how we were, which I thought was quite nice, but back to the story.

When the bell rang, every one lined up on the court in their house groups which are Vianney (the best house because I’m in it and I’m house captain. This might not sound so humble but I’m just so proud), MacKillop, McAuley and Cecilia. We started off with a prayer because we are a Catholic school with our faith in God. We start to walk towards the pool chanting our chants and getting more nervous about our races. 

As the races go on the sun starts to move over the land and every pupil in the school gets to swim. There’s loads of support from the mums and dads, grannies and grandads that have turned up to see the kids swim.  

After lunch, it was time for the finals. These were the closest races of all but only the top two went to zones. It was a great day with the sun high and the wind low. The day was ended by two sets of relays. The first relay was house captains against house captains which was a thriller! The second relay was parents and teachers against kids. 

They chose the best swimmers to race, of course the parents and teachers won but the kids did well!