On Friday it was Significant Males Day and I am going to tell you all about it. First in the morning when it was nine o’clock we all had to go to Mass to celebrate St Patrick and our Significant Male. After Mass in church we lined up outside so the teachers could tell us what activities we were going to be doing: which was basketball, T ball, construction and a ninja warrior course. The ninja warrior course was that we had to go around all the playgrounds, go on the rope climb, swing on the rope, climb up the logs and down the pole, balance on the wooden poles and climb up the climbing wall then run all the way back.  T ball is like baseball but shorter, there is a ball on a pole and you have to hit it and as long as you can to any bases. If somebody catches the ball the batter is out and if you hit the base that the runner is running to, you’re out. Constructing is building with LEGO bricks and basketball is scoring hoops with a ball. When we had done two activities we had morning tea, then played for a little while. After that we went back into our lines to get ready for the next activities and after that we had lunch. We played for a long time until we had to go back into our classes. We did some work about Saint Patrick and his life and I thought it was really fun. At 3 o’clock it was home time so we packed up the hub and went to the bus stop to wait for our parents to pick us up.