Day 1 

The Sāmoan flag was raised to symbolize that it was Sāmoan language week at school. Some people came to this opening ceremony and the Sāmoan people that came to the ceremony put on some awesome cultural clothes. 

After lunch some lovely people came in to teach us a cool but easy song  that went like this (this is the first verse of the song, we have not learnt the other verses of the songSavali vali means go for a walk, Tele taautala means too much talk, Alofa ia te oe means I love you, take it easy faifai lemu. 

Day 3 

Day three was awesome we had the same people come in like on day 1 to teach us the song. You might be wondering why we have gone straight to day 3 instead of day 2, nothing really happened on day 2 because the people couldn’t come to teach us the song. 

Well today we learnt the second verse of the song and another song with actions. The song with actions I couldn’t write down the words to it because they had to rub it out but here is the second verse from day one. Teine manaia means pretty girl, Taamilomilo means round and round, whisper to me (pause) musumusu mai oi aue! Oh my! Oh my! 

Day 4 

Not much happened on day 4 we (boys) learnt a new song that had actions to it, it was super messy but we had to perform it on day five  

Day 5 

It was time; the day we perform in front of the whole school but first we had some games to play.

The game we played was tug of war it was house group vs house group. It was competitive but fun. Vianney came last, McAuley came 3rd , Cecilia came 2nd  and MacKillop won. After that there was an amazing lunch prepared for the children and the teachers. It was so yummy I would die for it, it was that good. In the afternoon we performed our shows the boys went well same as the girls but when that was all done one of the dads came up and showed us how to open a coconut and what to do before you cook it. Then one of our teachers (Miss Dunn) came out to do a cultural dance. She was showered with money from the parents it was fantastic! Last but not least we lowered the flag with some of the Sāmoan parents singing their national anthem

That was an awesome week.