Religious Education


Through the Religious Education class programme we provide opportunities for children to learn what it is to be Catholic – that is, what Catholics believe, and how they celebrate, live and pray.


The expected learning in Religious Education is spread through six Learning Strands and four Learning Modules.  These identify the major content areas to be covered.

The Learning Strands are

God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Church, Sacrament, Communion of Saints.

The Learning Modules are

Liturgical Year, Prayer, Myself and Others, Sacramental Celebrations.


At Monte Cecilia School the children start and end the day with prayer.

Time Allocation

At Monte Cecilia School the children receive the following time allocation in Religious Education instruction.  Year 1-4 a minimum of one hour and 40 minutes a week.  Year 5-6 a minimum of 2 hours a week.  Over and above this Religious Education can be integrated in other curriculum areas through a range of authentic contexts.  In Term 1 we have a weighted Liturgical learning curriculum which covers the end of Christmas,  the end of ordinary time leading into Lent, Lent, Holy Week and Easter time. There are also Saint Day celebrations through the year.  In Term 4 we will also be looking at Advent and Christmas. We encourage our families to attend any celebrations and Masses at school and church, to help reinforce the teaching at school at home.

Comment Ideas for Year 1-6 Parents
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