Hello Monte Families.

I hope that you are all happy and healthy at home as we begin this new journey of:  ‘Lockdown – Home Learning’.

For your information: Teachers are going to provide online tasks for the next two weeks (what would have been school term time before the Level 4 changes came into play). Your child will be able to access these tasks on our digital platform of DB PrimaryThere will even be video messages from us!

Teachers will upload different tasks, videos and activities every 2-3 days. It is good to keep a bit of routine going, so if your child is able to, they can complete the work and upload it to their own DB Primary account. 

Maths Buddy: will be updated by teachers over the next two weeks and tasks appropriate to your child’s learning level will be assigned to them.   

Sunshine Online: an online Reading Platform that your child can access for Reading and Literacy related material. Of course, a good old fashioned book will do the job as well!




Each family will receive an individual email on Wednesday 25th with their child’s personal login and password details for the above mentioned digital platforms.  We will all be checking emails regularly, so feel free to ask questions via email.

We understand that this is a very confronting and uncertain time for families, and there will be additional pressures associated with everyone being at home for an extended period of time. Teachers will provide regular work for the students – BUT, it is NOT compulsory to complete all tasks. We really want families to make the decisions that work for them and their collective needs.

First and foremost, take care of each other and stay safe.

A walk around the block, playing a game of cards or baking some muffins are all excellent learning opportunities as well. Remember to drink lots of water, take regular breaks and some fresh air play outside everyday also. 

We will keep in touch regularly.

With God’s many blessings, this too shall pass.

Kia kaha, Sarah McAlpine