By Noah Pin – Monte Media Team

It was a sunny, magnificent day, and the whole of Monte Cecilia Catholic School was ready for a cool, refreshing yet competitive swim.  The things that people wanted to get out of the day were varied. Miss Dunn was there for the enjoyment, but really was after a win for Cecilia, while Mrs Follows was “hoping for a Sun-tan”.  Donovan wanted to see a win for Vianney, while Toby wanted a random “chocolate truck” to appear. Christian was hoping to come in first place, meanwhile it appeared the thing Alison wanted to get out of was “trouble!” 

When I asked the question “do you prefer fun swimming or swimming lengths” every single person I asked said FUN swimming.  I also agree!

While music was playing and Mrs Follows was dancing, I asked her if she had made any preparations for her groovy moves. She said “dance practise in front of the mirror!” 

I asked a total of 11 people if they had made any preparations for the day and there were 5 no’s and 6 yes’s.  It was noticeable that the people that said yes, had prepared well; as Enzo, Elliot and Cailey all performed very well.

It was a wonderful day and everyone had a fantastic time.  I think the highlight for most people, was the Student vs Teacher race.  Who knew that all those teachers were such amazing swimmers!  We can’t wait for the next Swimming Sports. 

See you next time, this is Noah Pin signing off.