Good Morning All,

Monte has had a quiet and calm start to this week.

Yes, school is open. We are following the very clear advice from Government and the Ministry of Education. We have the appropriate guidelines and are managing COVID-19 information competently and confidently as we receive updates, whilst allowing students to continue their studies with minimal interruption. 

The Government and the Ministry of Education will only make the call to close schools should the COVID-19 level be raised to 4, and that will be a decision of Cabinet based on the very best evidence and scientific advice available.

We appreciate that many families are choosing to keep their children at home. We support your decision to do what is right for your family. Whilst school is open teachers are working in Hubs on their regular programme and will not be providing extra work for those students currently at home. 

You will receive an email later in the week detailing ways that your child can access online learning should schools be closed nationally.

Keep safe and keep in touch. Communication, especially when in self-isolation will become our greatest form of support in this community.

With all God’s blessings.

Sarah McAlpine