Lunch Orders

Sushi Plus

Open Monday and Friday
Phone (09) 625 1821 Email [email protected]
182A Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough

Sushi Packs

Sushi 4 Packs 4 Pieces6 Pieces
1. Teriyaki Chicken$4.00$5.50
2. Chicken Katsu$4.00$5.50
3. Tuna with Avocado$4.00$5.50
4. Vegetarian$4.00$5.50
5. Raw Salmon with Avocado$5.00$7.00
6. Teriyaki Mayo Salmon$4.50$6.50
7. Combination Pack$4.00$6.00
Snacks5 Pieces10 Pieces
1. Deep Fried Spring Rolls$2.50$4.50
2. Deep Fried Dumplings$2.50$4.50

Please Note 

  • Prices above are subject to change
  • The price above is inclusive of GST
  • Children need to bring the correct amount in a named envelope with their order written on the envelope
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