A gentle reminder about our End of Year Celebrations which will be starting on Tuesday next week!

Monte’s END of YEAR SCHOOL MASS is on Tuesday 4 December at 5.30pm. ALL students are required to attend this Mass in school uniform. Please advise the Principal in writing ([email protected]) if your child is unable to attend, with a valid reason.

In the same week on Thursday 6th December, we will hold our annual PraiseGiving. This will run in two sessions with a swap over of Years 0-3 and Years 4-6 part way through. There will not be a break, it will simply be a swap over. PraiseGiving will begin at 12pm for the Y0-3 children and we expect to swap over to the Y4-6 children around 1pm or just after. As we did last year, Y0-3 children are only able to stay for the latter half of the event if they are sitting respectfully with their parents at all times. The same applies to any Y4-6 children during the first part of the event. During the rest of the time when not in the hall, they will be waiting and working in their hubs with relieving teachers. Please note that the children will be having their lunch breaks during their “wait time” whilst the event is happening for the other children.

Our annual Nativity Play will be on the last day of school (Thursday 13th December). We aim to start at 11.30am. This will be performed by our juniors and we hope to entertain our elderly parish community and Liston Village. Children will be allowed to go home early after this through arrangement with their Hub teachers.

End of Year reports will be published on the Parent Portal from 20 December 2018 through to the end of February 2019