On Friday 23rd May, Pukeko Hub got into groups to design and create a cultural costume. Here are some pictures from the day with captions the children thought of!

We were making Brazilian clothes.

We are learning about different clothes from other places, so we made clothes out of newspaper.


In Pukeko Hub, we have been learning about different cultures and their national dress…including SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!!


Crowning the Maori Princess


K is dressed as an Indian girl. We even made Indian jewelry for her!

Our group made this beautiful Indian costume. She looks simply splendid in her sari!


We made a Scottish outfit for our model!


A Maori girl modelling her piupiu down the catwalk.


Here is a young Maori girl dressed in traditional Maori costume. It was all made by her friends on Wacky Hair Day!


Go Brazil! We made a Brazilian costume out of newspaper. It fell off before we could show it to everyone.