The Latest Weekly Word is online now

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Weekly Word Wk3/4

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By |20th August 2017|Newsletters|


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The Weekly Word is online

Welcome to the first of term 3's Weekly Word. Please remember to book a table OR invite friends and colleagues to do so for our MIDWINTER QUIZMAS event on Saturday 12 August ! Click here [...]

By |31st July 2017|Newsletters|

Your latest Weekly Word is ready to read

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Week 7 Weekly Word is ready to read

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Weekly Word Wk5/6

T2Wk5 6

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T2W4 Weekly Word

Have a read! T2Wk4

By |28th May 2017|Newsletters|

Week 3 Weekly Word

Welcome to our Weekly Word @ Monte T2Wk3

By |21st May 2017|Newsletters|

Weekly Word T2 Week 2

Have a WONDERFULLY BLESSED Mother's Day all our beautiful mum's out there!! Weekly Word T2Wk2  

By |12th May 2017|Newsletters|
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