This is what we think learning is…

We always do lots of learning in Pukeko Hub. Today, we were given three questions to think about.  1) What do we think learning is? 2) What different ways can we learn? 3) What do [...]

By |17th June 2014|Hubs, Pukeko|

Cultural Newspaper Dressups

On Friday 23rd May, Pukeko Hub got into groups to design and create a cultural costume. Here are some pictures from the day with captions the children thought of! We were making Brazilian clothes. [...]

By |9th June 2014|Hubs, Pukeko|

Celebration Assembly Item 30/5/14

Kia ora. Talofa Lava. Namaste. Ola. Hello. Ahn Nyeong Hah Seh Yo. Ni Hao. Kumusta. Malo E Lelei. Pukeko Hub has been learning how we can make a difference with our voice. One way we can [...]

By |3rd June 2014|Pukeko|

Geometry Fun

 "We are learning about different shapes in Maths, and we are making an Egyptian backyard. We are using 2D and 3D shapes like rectangular prisms, pyramids, squares and circles to make our backyard."    "We [...]

By |29th May 2014|Pukeko|
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