Monte Cecilia's Carboot Stall Holders Terms & Conditions
Please note payment of the Car Boot registration fee means acceptance of the following Term and Conditions.  These are in place to help and protect both Sellers and Buyers participating at our event. DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE VERSION HERE

Who Can Sell at the Monte Cecilia Catholic School Car Boot Sale?

Anyone can sell at our Car Boot Sale provided they are respectful and follow these Terms and Conditions and the overriding regulations of New Zealand law.

What Can and Can’t Be Sold at the Monte Cecilia Catholic School Car Boot Sales?

You can sell anything that is safe, legal and belongs to you.  Car Boot stall holders are entitled to ‘take what you make’ however as this is a fundraising event any koha (donation) from your proceeds would be gratefully received by the children of Monte Cecilia Catholic School.

Please note: this event is a key fundraising event for Monte Cecilia Catholic School.  Car Boot stall holders are not permitted to sell any food or coffee as Monte Cecilia Catholic School PTA will have stalls selling these items. 

Items that are prohibited from being sold at the Monte Cecilia Catholic School Car Boot Sale include;

  • Tobacco Products – including E-cigarettes, vaporisers and liquids
  • Drugs & Medications – legal or otherwise (including “LEGAL HIGHS”)
  • Flammable Liquids & Gas Canisters – Including lighter fluids & Portable Oven Fuel
  • Weapons – Crossbows, Air Rifles, Hunting Knives etc…
  • Alcohol – commercial (including collectors miniatures) or home brew
  • Counterfeit or Copied Goods such as CD’s and DVD’s
  • Explicit Materials & Media – such as pornographic DVD’s and magazines
  • Stolen Goods – No stolen goods of any kind.

Any Car Boot stall holder found selling any items listed above will be asked to leave the event immediately and will forfeit their Car Boot registration fee.

Monte Cecilia Catholic School staff, the Board of Trustees and PTA reserve the right to ask anyone to stop selling and leave the school grounds immediately.

Can I Sell Food at Monte Cecilia Catholic School Car Boot Sale?

Monte Cecilia Catholic School will have stalls selling food and coffee to raise funds for our kids. Therefore, no food or coffee can be sold by Car Boot stall holders.

We thank you for respecting this request.

What Are The Details About My Car Boot Stall That I Need To Know?

The Monte Cecilia Catholic School Car Boot Sale & Bazaar will be held on Saturday 1st December from 9am to 2pm.

Gates to the school grounds will open at 7.30am for Car Boot Stall Holders to park their vehicle and set-up and will be closed again at 8.45am. Only registered vehicles will be allowed into the school grounds for the Car Boot stalls.  No vehicles will be permitted to enter after 8.45am and any Car Boot registration fee paid will be forfeited.  Vehicles will be unable to be moved/leave the event until after 2pm.

Each Car Boot stall holder will have space to park their vehicle and approx. 3m x 3m at the rear of their vehicle to display their goods. Spaces will be allocated at the sole discretion of the Monte Cecilia Catholic School PTA.

Car Boot stall holders are responsible for the following;

  • Providing their own vehicle, a cash float, table or equipment to display goods, and a pergola if desired.
  • The security of your goods/stock.  Monte Cecilia Catholic School can not be held responsible for any lost or stolen goods.
  • Any rubbish in your area.  Please remove all rubbish and leave your space clean at the end of the event.  The Monte Cecilia Catholic School PTA asks all Car Boot stall holders to carefully consider whether it is necessary to use plastic bags and/or containers.

General Information

  1. Car Boot stall holders must co-operate and comply with the instructions of Monte Cecilia Catholic School staff, Board of Trustees and PTA members at all times
  2. The Car Boot registration fee must be paid within 7 days of registration and before your vehicle enters the school grounds.  Entry will be refused if payment is not received.
  3. No smoking please.  Smoking is prohibited on the school grounds.
  4. Playing loud music, shouting and any disruptive behavior is strictly forbidden and could result in the Car Boot stall holder being asked to leave the school grounds.