Car Park

All parents, children and staff are to use the footpaths provided and are to avoid walking through the car park as little as possible.

The car park and driveway has a speed limit of NO more than 5km/h.

The footpath up to the office is to be used for all pedestrian entry and exit.

PLEASE ensure ALL drivers who drop or collect your children are aware of the car park rules.

DO NOT park in the Disability parks unless you have a displayed disability sticker.

Please do not park where cones or signs advise no parking. Road rules apply. Be considerate and keep left. Children are to enter and exit any vehicle via the LEFT side ONLY. Parking for short periods to drop or pick off is on the LEFT of the ring driveway and in the carpark towards the church.

School entry is only via Whitmore Road – no school parking in the church grounds off Hillsborough Road.  When entering the carpark towards the church, you are driving over a PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY, be cautious.

Concrete pathways are to be used at all times for pedestrian access, do not allow your child to walk across the tar seal.

Follow staff instructions in the car park to keep us all safe.