One night a family went camping in the forest and they all sat by the camp fire and burned marshmallows. In the morning the two sisters went for a walk around the forest. Suddenly they both saw two elephants and the two elephants gave them a ride. After the elephants gave them a ride on their way home, a baby owl fell down from a tree. One of the sisters picked up the baby owl and put it back up with it’s family to go back to sleep. The next morning the two sisters went to an ice cream shop to go buy some yummy ice cream. The two sisters went home and gave the family some ice cream. On one night the two sisters and the two brothers went out and went to the park and had a little play, then they got cardboard and slid down the hill. The next morning all of the family went back home and two of the sisters went to the playground and had a little play and then they both went to the ice cream shop and got some ice cream. The next morning the family went for a walk and brought scooters and bikes along the way just in case they all got bored of walking. Another night, the two sisters went and got a bucket and filled it with water and then splashed it on everyone and then all the family chased the the two sisters and tickled them and went back home and it was already morning and then all the family put their togs on then then all went into the pool and had fun.