Day 3 

Watching the elegant, gentle swishes of our Sāmoan dance teacher, I start to pick up the slow, wavering movements. Before long, we are dancing gracefully by ourselves, reciting it as if it were a poem. 

Day 4 

Face off. We perform our dance flawlessly, then, we watch the boys perform. We dance well, and remember most of the moves, but there is still room for improvement. I mean LOTS of improvement. We almost have it down, but, we have to perform it… TOMORROW! 

Day 5 

Everyone is dressed in flamboyant lava lavas. All are uniquely printed with intricate designs, like that of a tapa cloth. We all watch carefully as one of our Sāmoan parents peel a coconut, and explain that the men do the cooking in Sāmoa. Then, we enjoyed some traditional Sāmoan food, including blended raw fish, coconut, and coconut pie. Soon, it was our turn to dance… We walked on into our lines, and waited anxiously for the music to begin. We smile broadly, and begin the graceful movements. After that, we watch the boys preform their song and dance… Miss Dunn came out with a woven – flax traditional dress, and a glossy red feather hat. She performed the same Sāmoan dance that we had done, as she learnt the dance along with us. 

The Taking Down Of The Flag 

The string slowly crawled down the flag pole, taking the glorious Sāmoan flag down with it. It quivered as is clambered down, and some special Sāmoan words were spoken along with its downfall…